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      Room Level : 8
      Category : Non-Professionals

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      Everyone Thank you for coming to the delivery room

      In that case, thank you for now because the delivery schedule is not is in the plan attempts to deliver if events such as want to participate.

      ※Please note that we do, an appearance delivery basically.

      It performs a child actor and model activities from 6 years old, a college student, which is currently an actor activities.

      Delivery history is as chat and live delivery, etc. 5 years in other distribution sites, is scheduled to make the delivery of the same content in this showroom.

      ☆We hope that you will feel free to contact us if you have want events, etc. to participate.

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      momo@unity's blood
      友達のお家でのんびりしてるようなそんな配信ルームです(*^艸^) リスナーさんが皆さん仲良しでついついのんびりまったりしちゃう… のんびりまったりしたい方におすすめですよ(*´ω`*)
      maya@unity's blood/SPY川平沙紀♡
      配信者さんは種部屋のつもりなのに…なぜか雑談のお部屋みたいになってる不思議なお部屋(*´∀`*) 真っ暗画面でコメントないと全くお喋りもしないのになぜがのんびりしちゃうお部屋で種集めのんびり休憩したい人にお薦めですヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
      tomoちゃん@Unity's blood
      初心者にも優しい配信者さんでした 色々教えてくれてありがとうございました。 また配信に来たいと思います。

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