Notice of Show Gold (Must-Read)・Information based on the Payment Services Act

Please read before purchasing and using Show Gold.

1. Name of Prepaid Payment Instruments

Show Gold

2. Issuer of Prepaid Payment Instruments


3. Scope of use

Show Gold may be used to pay for digital content purchases on “SHOWROOM” provided by SHOWROOM Co., Ltd.

However, Show Gold purchased prior to July 9, 2019 may only be used on the platform on which it was purchased and Show Gold cannot be used across platforms.

4. Period of validity or expiration

There is no set period of validity for Show Gold. However, Show Gold purchased on the Android device or website version of SHOWROOM before July 9, 2019 will be valid for 180 days.

If the User withdraws from membership or otherwise loses eligibility to use SHOWROOM, any unused Show Gold will be forfeited.

5. Payable amount, etc.

There is no maximum holding amount. However, depending on the User's age, the purchase limit for Show Gold is as follows; If the User is under 17 years old, the purchase limit is 20,000 JPY/month.

6. Notes on use

  • The prices listed for digital content include consumption tax.
  • It may take some time to Show Gold purchase process to be completed and reflected.
  • Please click here for information on payment methods that can be used to purchase Show Gold.
  • The User may not request a refund after purchasing Show Gold, nor return or refund Show Gold after use.
  • If it is suspected that an account has been lent to another party, or if there is any other suspicion of fraudulent use, SHOWROOM CO., Ltd. may restrict use of the account for the purpose of investigation.
  • Other precautions are subject to the SHOWROOM Terms and Conditions.

7. How to check Show Gold balance

The User may check their unused balance of Show Gold on the "Show Gold History" page in My Page.

However, Show Gold balances purchased prior to July 9, 2019 are managed separately for each platform.

8. Service provider

Shibuya Primeplaza 19-1 Maruyamacho Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 150-0044

9. Contact

email: support@showroom.co.jp
phone: 0985-60-2005 (business hours: 10:00~17:00 Japan Time)
※ Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and from 12/30 through to 1/3, we are closed
※ Generally, we only answers queries by email. Thank you for your understanding.
※ If you are calling us, do not block outgoing caller ID.

10. How to preserve of the User funds

As a policy to protect holders of Prepaid Payment Instruments, it is required under Article 14, Paragraph 1 of the Payment Services Act to preserve assets by depositing with the Legal Affairs Bureau, etc. an issue deposit of at least half the amount of the unused balance of the Prepaid Payment Instruments on the record date.

In the event of an emergency, the holder of the Prepaid Payment Instruments is entitled to receive repayment in advance of other creditors for the deposit money that has been preserved in accordance with the provisions of Article 31 of the Payment Services Act.

11. Making of Security Deposit for Issuance, the type of Guarantee Contract of Security Deposit for Issuance or Trust Contract of Security Deposit for Issuance, and the counterparty

SHOWROOM Co., Ltd. preserves user funds through making of security deposit or by entering into an Guarantee Contract of Security Deposit for Issuance with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.

12. Policy on compensation for losses incurred due to unauthorized transactions, etc. SHOWROOM Co., Ltd. will handle in accordance with the Terms of Service and legal requirements.

The Prepaid Payment Instruments held by the User shall be recorded on the Company's server together with the User ID and Password, and the User shall manage the ID and Password. SHOWROOM shall not be liable for any loss incurred due to inadequate management of ID and Password by the User, errors in use, use by third parties, etc., except in cases when SHOWROOM Co., Ltd. is liable for default or tort liability.