Recommendation for Kotolichan-English@れいわ新選組応援

  • カウアン

    Kotoli is a strong and kind person. She always makes everyone happy in her Showroom. Plz, follow her and enjoy stream!

  • Yuu@みよすけ ぐーさん


    Yuu@みよすけ ぐーさん
  • イムロン

    You should watch her stream.. her gentle voice will make you feel that you are alive.. and i like cheese cake by the way

  • ウザギ

    kotolichan is very kind and fun, she has a unique singing voice and cool drawings! I also make lot of friends here ★

  • レオ

    Kotolichan is a very friendly and lovely singer with a beautiful voice. And she can speak english very well (≧∇≦)b

  • トリ ナ ~ ♡

    Kotoli-chan is a nice performer. She sings songs and she can also speak both English and Japanese.Please follow her! ♡

    トリ ナ ~ ♡
  • 浪人

    Kotolichan has a lovely voice and a good command of English. Sit back, relax & listen to her sing some of the classics.

  • RiVER

    Kotolichan is a very good singer. She has a lovely voice. And Here you will meet people from all over the world.

  • Jink1

    I found this channel by chance, Kotolichan is a very kind person with a lovely voice. I highly recommend it.

  • Peter Kendu

    If you like her show room channel, please follow button below right now !

     Peter Kendu
  • solami

    ことりちゃんの歌声は可愛いくて心地よいです。 英語や知らなかった文化のお話も聞けて、とっても楽しくてオススメです(^^)

  • Jayman

    This Showroom *Click Noise* is one of the.. wait... The Best Showroom I've been in, with the most gracious of host.

  • トロイ ☮

    Kotolichan has a lovely voice^^Always pleasant and friendly also. Please take time to support this wonderful lady(◜ᴗ◝ )۶

    トロイ ☮
  • Rexx(~‾▿‾)~

    Kotolichan is a very friendly and easy going, and her singing is wonderful! Stop in and visit you will like her!

  • PRロザ

    She is a great singer and her streams are very entertaining.She also speaks english very well.Her drawings are adorable.

  • イルファン

    One of the best English speaker in SR (and she is Japanese!) She has beautiful voice and good at singing! Recommended!

  • ユーユン

    Kotolichan is a very talented girl. She can draw and sing well. Not only that but she's entertaining. Please follow her!

  • Vicky

    As Everyone mentioned she is very kind and lovely.OH and she does have sweetest voice.She can speak English very well

  • Dan

    I like cake.

  • ☺︎もっちマンa.k.a.まーん☺︎


  • Quenilouくいにるゆいちゃんおし!@練乳

    Kotoli-chan is very good at entertaining people. She is very good in english that even me, she understand~ We can learn~

  • Aliii

    めちゃくちゃのほほん系この声で眠れる! She is soft person might be you will fall in sleep while you are listening her voice.

  • くー

    お絵描き、歌うことが好きな ことりちゃん✧٩( 'ᴗ' )و✧ 海外の方も日本の方もゆっくりできるルーム♪。.:*・゜ *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

  • 戦士【神様のお侍】


  • ¥398-(非課税)

    We’ve met when we joined an event:) After that we enjoy to learn English or talk w/ Japanese. Listen her softly voice!

  • Kyou kara TSUPPARI neko

    nice singer,she loves matsuda seiko songs and she likes the comedy of egashira 2:50

    Kyou kara TSUPPARI neko
  • ロン@Riaya's room♨️

    She is good in english! Interesting room and fun. Please come and follow her room.

    ロン@Riaya's room♨️