Live Streaming Broadcasting Guidelines

These Guidelines are respective terms provided in the Terms for Showroom Organizers separately provided by SHOWROOM Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). Any matters not provided in these Guidelines shall be subject to the Terms of Showroom Membership and any other usage terms provided by the Company.

Organizer Registration

  • Anyone who would like to have a certain person broadcast a live stream using this service shall register themselves as an organizer.
  • Anyone who would like to become an organizer must agree to the Terms for Showroom Organizers, and then apply for registration according to the procedure specified by the Company (hereinafter referred as the “Registration Application”) and obtain approval from the Company.
  • Anyone who would like to become an organizer shall submit the documents below and other documents specified by the Company, to the Company, for the aforementioned Registration Application.
    • Application form specified by the Company
    • Certificate of a registered seal (Not necessary when the Company deems unnecessary)
    • Certified copy of commercial registration (Not necessary when the Company deems unnecessary)
  • The Company shall not be held liable for the organizer’s live stream broadcast even after the Company approves the Registration Application.
  • Even after the Company gives an approval to the aforementioned Registration Application, it may cancel it.
  • An organizer may provide a broadcaster account for live streaming to the person the organizer designates as a broadcaster. The organizer shall have the broadcaster follow the Terms for Showroom Organizers, these Guidelines, and any other usage terms provided by the Company. The organizer shall be held liable for all live streams broadcasted by the broadcaster and other actions performed by the broadcaster.
  • An organizer needs to register its company information, introductory text for broadcasters, etc., and the information specified by the Company for the Registration Application. Such information may be displayed in Showroom.
  • An organizer shall provide information about live stream broadcasts and broadcasters, which is requested by the Company, for the Registration Application, and shall promptly answer questions asked by the Company.

Live Stream Broadcasting

Organizers, etc. may not broadcast live streaming prohibited by the Terms for Showroom Organizers or types of live streaming listed below:

  • Live streaming that is defamatory;
  • Live streaming that is likely to affront the dignity of any nations, races or the like, whether internal or external;
  • Live streaming that is likely to damage international goodwill;
  • Live streaming that is offensive to public order and morality;
  • Live streaming that is related to adult entertainment;
  • Live streaming that contains obscene descriptions or nude images;
  • Live streaming that affirms or glorifies violence, gambling, drugs or prostitution or the like;
  • Live streaming that solicits actual contact with the opposite sex and - communication focusing on sex;
  • Live streaming that responds to a request for actual contact with the opposite sex and communication focusing on sex;
  • Live streaming that mediates information on actual contact with the opposite sex and communication focusing on sex;
  • Live streaming that is likely to trigger crimes or other violations of any laws and regulations;
  • Live streaming whose responsible person or entity is not clear;
  • Live streaming that places an excessive load on the service of the Company;
  • Live streaming whose primary content is deemed to be links to external sites; and
  • Live streaming that relates to political groups, enlightening oneself, enlightening seminars, invitations from religious bodies or propagation activities.
  • Live streaming that causes or is likely to cause an erroneous assumption of facts.
  • Live streaming that is unscientific or akin to superstition, and is likely to be confusing or disconcerting to Showroom Members.
  • Live streaming using expressions which work at a subconscious level.
  • Live streaming that engages in or is likely to engage in acts of nuisance such as spam.
  • Live streaming whose provider or purpose is unclear or ambiguous.
  • Live streaming that uses the name of another person.

Organizers may not use any expressions that are likely to cause loss of dignity or disturb Showroom Members in the live stream to be provided, including any case where sexual expressions are included as elements within the live stream.
Examples of Expressions:

  • Photographs, illustrations or expressions of underwear, swimsuits or excessively revealed skin that the Company deems obscene;
  • Images, words or phrases containing expressions about sex that are obscene;
    • Examples: lewdness, sex, slaves and menservants, pedophilia, masturbation or the like;
  • Any content that is suggestive of a story focused on sexual relations through a combination of images, voices, words, phrases and the like;
    • Examples: any content suggestive of sadistic or masochistic relations, illicit love or other sexual behaviors or objects (e.g. sex, women with large breasts, female pornographic actors, or the like).
  • Any content that excessively emphasizes the pubic region of the human body;
  • Any content that represents the characteristics of the human body in a negative manner;
  • Any content that is ugly, cruel or psychotic, which is likely to make anyone feel unpleasant;
    • Examples: extremely bloody descriptions, disturbing corpses, violent wounding and killing scenes, bodily waste, excretion or the like.
  • Any content that is designed to frighten the viewers;
  • Any content that affirms violent descriptions or actions such as fights or brawls;
  • Human trafficking or any content that can be suggestive of human trafficking;
  • Any content that leads to discrimination based on race, sex, age, features of the body, etc.
  • Any content that slanders, abuses or insults others, or harms the reputation or confidence of others;
  • Any content that denies religion, thought or beliefs.

In no event may an organizer make any representation that causes anyone to mistakenly believe that the Company, Showroom or unrelated third parties officially recognize, support or provide any live stream broadcasting.

When a broadcaster broadcasts a live stream, he/she shall register the live stream schedule specified by the Company, not later than 15 minutes before the start. The broadcast may continue for 12 hours.

An organizer may not sell or use digital content, goods or other products or services that have an effect comparable to those sold by the Company to Showroom Members on the service. An organizer may not urge Showroom Members to transfer money directly to the organizer on the service, except for if the organizer promotes products or services sold or provided by the organizer.

An organizer may not clearly show the fact that he/she receives revenue sharing of usage fee of the digital content sold by the Company on the service to Showroom Members.

Display Locations

  • The Company may display links to a live stream broadcast in any locations within the service at its discretion. However, this does not mean that the Company guarantees to display such links. Even if a link to an item to a live stream broadcast is displayed once, the location in which the link is displayed may be altered or changed.
  • The Company may display the information registered with it by the organizer at and/or adjacent to the location where the live stream broadcast is displayed.

Protection of Young People

  • In the broadcast of a live stream, organizers must consider the safe education and protection of young people.
  • In the broadcast of a live stream, organizers must not use any expression that is likely to adversely affect the protection and education of young people.
    Examples of Expressions:
    • Images, voices, words, phrases or the like that are reminiscent of sexual relations:
      • Examples: kisses, hugs, lying down, etc.
    • Any expressions that affirm or aggravate antisocial acts:
      • Examples; bullying, ill-treatment, suicide, self-mutilation, smoking or pachinko undertaken by a minor, improper relations between a teacher and a student.
    • Any expressions that include words or phrases with double meaning and particularly suggest sexual or antisocial meanings.
  • The Company may suspend or interrupt the broadcast of a live stream that it deems inappropriate or limit the ages of the Showroom Members to whom such live stream is provided.
  • An organizer shall keep watch on, or promptly respond to if necessary, the Showroom Members at all times to ensure that no trouble is caused between the Showroom Members by a Showroom Member revealing any information in a broadcast of a live streaming provided by the organizer that enables anyone to deduce their personal information, or by a Showroom Member revealing any information that leads to a meeting in real life.
  • Any broadcaster under age of 18 must not broadcast a live stream after 22:00 (after 22:00 in local time if broadcasting outside Japan). An organizer shall give instruction and supervise broadcasters under age 18 not to broadcast a live stream after 22:00.

User Support

  • When the Company receives an inquiry from a Showroom Member about stated information about a live stream broadcast or an organizer in the service, the company may make an inquiry to the organizer about the inquiry. In such case, the organizer is obliged to respond appropriately to the inquiry made by the Company within the time period specified by the Company.
  • If any organizer discovers that a Showroom Member has committed a breach of the Terms of Showroom Membership in a live stream broadcast provided by the organizer, he/she shall promptly notify the Company of such breach, by using the report function provided by the Company.

Use Other Than the Intended Purpose

Organizers shall not use any data obtained through the service for purposes other than the use of the service.

External Links

Organizers are prohibited to establish external links that jump to external web sites that contain expressions prohibited by the Showroom Live Streaming Broadcasting Terms and these Guidelines.

Use of Digital Content

  • The Company may sell digital content available for Showroom Members during a live stream broadcast. When a Showroom Member uses such digital content during a live stream broadcast by a broadcaster using a broadcaster account, the Company shall pay the following amount to the organizer: The amount (hereinafter referred as “revenue sharing”) = 50% of the sales proceeds of digital content including consumption tax and subtracting a handling charge. (A fraction less than one yen shall be rounded up) The handling charge shall be 30% of the sales proceeds of digital content (including the consumption tax).
  • Organizers shall register their bank account information on the administration page for Showroom organizers for revenue sharing payment.
  • The Company shall pay the revenue sharing to the organizer, by transferring the amount to the bank account registered by the organizer. The Company shall pay close the revenue sharing at the end of each month and pay it by the end of the following month. However, in the event the organizer has committed a breach against the Terms for Showroom Organizer or respective terms, or any other cases the Company deems inappropriate, the Company may suspend such payment.